UFC 280: Post-Fight Analysis

Perhaps the deepest fight card this year for the UFC with plenty of thrilling bouts took place this weekend. Here’s what happened and what might be next. Results disclosed.


A Note from the Colosseum

Perhaps the most famous arena in the world, the Coliseum was host to the largest combat spectacle in the Roman Empire. Gladiatorial combat harkens back to the days of funeral games but was banned by Christian emperors for its glorification of death and eventually ceased following the sack of Rome by Alaric and his Gothic army. Our editor writes from the ruins of the august arena. 


Judo in MMA: An Interview with Sexyama

Judo is perhaps most often associated with education, personal cultivation, and a way of introducing children to martial arts. Yet, Judo is a venerable martial art which has proven to be effective in MMA. One of the premier judokas who has proven this is Yoshihiro “Sexyama” Akiyama, whom we spoke to about his career. 


Rough and Tumble: The American Predecessor to the UFC

In the 18th- and 19th- century a form of unarmed, bare-knuckled combat developed in rural parts of America. Known as “Rough and Tumble” or “Gouging” it was a no-holds barred combat, known for its brutality. This is the story of one of the predecessors of vale tudo and the UFC. 


Weekend Roundup

This weekend saw multiple competitions across different combat sports worthy of the attention of martial arts fans across the globe. With the return of legends, anticipated rematches and rising stars to be followed, it was understandably hard to maintain undivided attention.


Smått och Gott från kampsportsvärlden – Från Australien till London

Kampsporten är i ständig rörelse och ”blågula utövare” visar framfötterna lite varstans i världen. Man kan med fog säga att svensk kampsport frodas, lever och är i ständig utveckling framåt. I dessa Internettider med sociala Medier och streamingtjänster högt och lågt är det omöjligt att hinna med allt som sker av svensk intresse men jag skall försöka uppdatera er lite om det senaste i spalten nedan! 


I natt äntrar boxningsstjärnan, Claressa Shields buren – Möter Brittney Elkin i Atlantic City

I natt går dubble f.d. amerikanske OS-guldmedaljören och proffsboxaren, Claressa Shields in i MMA-buren i omsusade MMA-organisationen PFL (Professional Fighters League). Hon skall enligt uppgift möta landsmaninnan, Brittney Elkin (3-6-0). I USA är det stor ”hajp” kring Shields MMA-debut och enligt boxningssidan ”The Ring” så får Claressa 250 000 dollar för jobbet. Elkins får 10 000 dollar för matchen och ytterligare 10 000 om hon vinner.