Secrets of the Japanese Art of Warfare

A classic work when it comes to strategy and warfare is Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, which has found application outside of the field of combat. Business executives and politicians refer to it. After that, Von Clausewitz’s On War is taken to be a classic of combat strategy. Another, perhaps less well-known work, is Yamamoto Kansuke’s Secrets of the Japanese Art of Warfare.


How Much Do You Really Know About Boxing?

Boxing is one of the classical sports, attracting millions of fans around the world. But how committed are they? Are you as knowledgeable about boxing as you think you are? Here is a book which will test your loyalty! 


Broken Promise: Eubank Jr vs Benn

The legacy fight between Eubank Jr and Benn has been postponed on a weekend where there were few fights to begin with. Nevertheless, there are interesting questions to be raised about the postponed fight, and fortunately, fight fans had other action to entertain them.