At the Forefront of History: Interview with Hannah Rankin

On September 24th, WBA and IBO 154lb World Champion, Hannah Rankin, steps back into the ring. She faces challenger Terri Harper in Nottingham, putting her belts on the line. We spoke to Hannah ahead of her bout on Saturday, speaking about her accomplished career, future ambitions, and musical achievements. 


The YouTube Revival of Boxing?

KSI promised to serve up two KOs in one night. He delivered on his promise and provided a spectacular show full of theatrics. Our editor writes from London and continues to ask what the future of boxing holds. Results disclosed. 


MF & DAZN X: SERIES 001: KSI vs Swarmz & Pineda

The YouTube star KSI makes his boxing return tonight, fighting two opponents in one night. Does he have enough skill to be considered a proper boxer? Will he be able to win two bouts on the same night? And are we in fact being tricked into watching celebrities work out their personal vendettas under the established rules of boxing? Only those who watch tonight will know. 


Heavyweight Kings

Boxing is a sport, but it is also a part of culture. It’s reach far exceeds the ring and the arena, penetrating politics, popular culture, and everyday lives. In The Boxing Kings: When American Heavyweights Ruled the Ring, author Paul Beston traces this phenomenon.


What’s On: June 24-26th

Over the weekend, UFC returns with Fight Night featuring Tsarukyan vs. Gamrot. PFL 5 is live tonight, while the International Judo Federation’s World Tour continues with this weekend’s Ulaanbaatar Grand Slam. Several boxing world titles are also on the line, live from Texas.


The Allure of Violence: Pugilist Philosophy II

Philosophers often sidestep the issue of violence, refusing to tackle it head-on. One philosopher who has never refused the challenge is Professor Gordon Marino, who as well as being a professional philosopher was once a professional boxer and boxing coach. We spoke to him about the crossroad between philosophy and combat sports.


Preparing for Battle: An Interview with Otto Wallin

Sweden hasn’t had many boxing heavyweight hopes since Ingemar “Ingo” Johansson. After defeating Floyd Patterson at Yankee Stadium, he won the world title in 1959. Now, Otto “All In” Wallin is on a trajectory towards heavyweight gold, with a near-perfect record. We spoke to him about his forthcoming bout in Detroit against Rydell Booker on May 26th.