Preparing for Battle: An Interview with Otto Wallin

Sweden hasn’t had many boxing heavyweight hopes since Ingemar “Ingo” Johansson. After defeating Floyd Patterson at Yankee Stadium, he won the world title in 1959. Now, Otto “All In” Wallin is on a trajectory towards heavyweight gold, with a near-perfect record. We spoke to him about his forthcoming bout in Detroit against Rydell Booker on May 26th. 


Writers who Fight

Some of the greatest minds throughout history have been fighters. Why did they chose to write about their experience in the ring, and what effect did it have on their thinking? Writing and fighting have seemingly always worked hand in glove. 


The Man who Trained Thor: Exclusive Interview with Coach Billy Nelson

Coach Billy Nelson has been travelling for the past four months. His main focus has been training Hafþór ‘The Mountain’ Björnsson for his bout with Eddie Hall, which he won last Saturday. In the past five years, Coach Nelson only has one loss amongst his fighters. He recently spoke to Fighter Magazine about coaching Thor and his wider coaching insights.


Pugilist Profiles, Part I: Diagoras of Rhodes

Boxing fans all have their favoured fighters. We follow them and cheer them on. Often they become stars transcending the sport itself. Contemporaries may think of the likes of Muhammad Ali and Tyson Fury. But even the Ancients had their pugilist heroes. This is the story of Diagoras of Rhodes.