How Much Do You Really Know About Boxing?

Boxing is one of the classical sports, attracting millions of fans around the world. But how committed are they? Are you as knowledgeable about boxing as you think you are? Here is a book which will test your loyalty! 

Ralph Oates is a celebrated boxing journalist, leading boxing historian, and former amateur boxer. He has published 12 books on the sport, including Know Your Boxing (1991) and A Round of Boxing: A Trip Through Time (2019). Last year he published the book A Question Of Boxing: 1,500 Questions On The Sport Of Boxing. 

The volume is slim and easy to take with you on travels to sharpen your boxing knowledge, or to quiz your family and friends on. It includes questions on professional debuts, first defeats, names of referees, films about boxing, photograph quizzes, and the height of fighters. The book will separate the wheat from the chaff in the world of boxing knowledge and test the dedication of those committed to the sweet science. 

Yet, those who failed or do less well than expended can take comfort in that reading the book will ensure greater learning. The book is an optimal asset for those who want to broaden their understanding of the sport and get to know the sport even down to the finest details. Boxing is not only a sport: it is also a cultural phenomenon and a business, hence the quiz book includes questions on these vital elements of the hurt business. 

The book could potentially serve another purpose in these days of pugilist confusion: illuminating the great traditions and heroes of the sport, as opposed to the commercialised events of today. The author rightly points out that any comparison over time between boxing greats, such as “who would win between Muhammad Ali and Joe Luis?” is ultimately futile. There is only one way to settle it – in the ring – and due to the passing of time, such face-offs are impossible. Each generation produces its great boxers, and ours is no different. But the question of whether any future edition of the book or any similar venture, would include the likes of Jake Paul is an open question. 

In his introduction, the author asks the enticing question “are you a champion or a contender, can you punch your weight when it comes to answering questions about the sport? You will soon find out.” We have included 10 questions – all presented as multiple choice – to test your knowledge. How many can you answer correctly? 

  1. 1. In which country was Ingemar Johansson born? 

A. Norway B. Sweden C. Denmark 

2. What year was Sonny Liston born? 

A. 1930 B. 1931 C. 1932

3. In which country did the match that saw Floyd Patterson retain the world heavyweight crown on 4 December 1961 in emphatic style when he knocked out challenger Tom McNeeley in round four take place? 

A. Canada B. America C. Sweden 

4. Who was the referee of the Routis-Canzoneri title contest? 

A. Bill Conway B. Eddie Forbes C. Harry Ertle 

5. Rocky Marciano successfully defended his world heavyweight title on 21 September 1955 when he knocked out challenger Archie Moore in which round?

A. Seven B. Eight C. Nine 

6. What was the nationality of Nino Valdes?

A. Cuban B. Spanish C. Mexican 

7. The film “Hurricane” (1999) saw actor Denzel Washington playing the role of which former boxer?

A. Rubin Carter B. Tom Bethea C. Bennie Briscoe 

8. Find the southpaw

A. Jeff Lacy B. Joe Calzaghe C. Steve Collins 

9. How tall is Claressa Shields?

A. 5ft 6in (167.6cm) B. 5ft 7in (170cm) C. 5ft 8in (172.7cm)

10. When was the professional debut of Muhammad Ali? 

A. 1960 B. 1961 C. 1962

How many did you get right? Answers won’t be provided here, but they can be found at the back of the book if you don’t know them already! 

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