Thaiboxing Stars Set to Clash in the 13th ’GLADIATORSPELEN’ Event

On October 28th, Sweden will witness an exciting showdown as Thaiboxing enthusiasts gather for the 13th edition of the ’Gladiatorspelen / Gladiator Games.’ Streaming exclusively on, this event promises to be a thrilling spectacle.

Featuring a lineup of 14 matches, the ’Gladiator Games’ will showcase both professional and amateur talent. The main event is expected to be a pulse-quickening clash between Swedish champion Dalian Dawody of Karlstad Muay Thai and Joakim Hägg from Göteborg Muay Thai.

One of the standout matchups to look forward to is the battle between the Swedish kickboxing champion, Cathrine Téczely, representing Göteborg Muay Thai, and Denice Baath from Colosseum Fightcenter. This bout is sure to test the mettle of these skilled fighters.

Viewers have the option to watch the event live on or, for those who prefer a firsthand experience, attend the event at Valhall, Skövde Kulturhus in Skövde.

Providing expert commentary for the event is Siar Jorat. His extensive knowledge of the Thaiboxing world promises to enrich the viewer’s understanding of the sport and make the event more memorable.

As a special offer, viewers can take advantage of an exclusive discount by using the discount package GLADIATORXIII to purchase a pay-per-view ticket for only 219 SEK, as opposed to the regular price of 250 SEK.
However, it’s worth noting that this offer is valid until 12:00 on October 28th.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting Thaiboxing event that is set to deliver intense matchups and captivating moments.

Link to the stream here


Dalian Dawody vs Joakim Hägg


Cathrine Téczely, vs Denice Baath



75kg A Klass 5×3 – Joakim Hägg (Göteborg Muay Thai) VS Dalian Dawody (Karlstad Muay Thai)

67kg C Klass 3×2 – Hamodi El-Hamwi (Coloseum Fightcenter) VS Vadym Taminskyy (G-A Muay Thai)

68kg C Klass 3×2 – William Höök (Coloseum Fightcenter) VS Ludwig Risberg (Heavy Hands Muay Thai)

86kg IFMA 3×3 – Jesper Bånghäll (Coloseum Fightcenter) VS Måns Niiranen (Heavy Hands Muay Thai)

81kg B Klass 5×2 – Alexander Brodal (Fighter Centre) VS Elliot Jarälv (Halmstad Fight Academy)

67kg B klass 5×2  – Jalil Sultani (Tranås Muay Thai) VS Melwin Engman (Varbergs Thaiboxningsklubb)

60kg B klass 5×2 – Anas Elou (Tranås Muay Thai) VS Noak Wollsäter (Göteborg Muay Thai)

62kg B Klass 5×2 – Daniel Trochez (Göteborg Muay Thai) VS Hassan Amiri (Fighter Centre)

52,5kg B Klass 5×2 – Denise Baath (Coloseum Fightcenter) VS Cathrine Téczely (Göteborg Muay Thai)

70kg A Klass 3×3 – Emil Flystam (Halmstad Fight Academy) VS Rasmus Eriksson (Odenplan Fightgym)

63,5kg C Klass 3×2 – Leo Hellgren (Coloseum Fightcenter) VS Anon Khanlasa (Varbergs Thaiboxningsklubb)

75kg B Klass 5×2 – Daniel Diego Gustafsson (Göteborg Muay Thai) VS Kamil Abdulhadi (Fighter Centre)

78kg IFMA 3×3 – Ilir Bashota (Coloseum Fightcenter) VS Aboud Mourad (Fighter Centre)

65kg IFMA 3×3 – Mujtaba Sarwari (Coloseum Fightcenter) VS Rickard Fransson (Heavy Hands Muay Thai)


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