Enson Inoue påbörjade pilgrimsfärd genom hela Japan idag

MMA-legenden Enson Inoue startade idag sin färd genom hela Japan, en sträcka på 2200 km, som han ska ta sig igenom till fots. Han har en regel att han endast får äta den mat han bär med sig eller som folk erbjuder honom. Det samma gäller övernattning som kommer ske utomhus, såvida han inte erbjuds sängplats av någon. Han gör detta för att väcka uppmärksamhet för folket i Japan, det saknas förnödenheter och hans eget folk i norra delen av Japan lider och han anser att de inte längre uppmärksammas av media. Det finns stora problem med självmord hos den äldre befolkningen som blivit hemlösa och de känner stor hopplöshet och de känner inte att det finns något att leva för.

The Journey begins

Här är hans egen beskrivning av resan och hur den kommer att gå till.

Conditions for my walk across Japan

After careful thought I’ve decided on strict conditions for my walk across the whole country of Japan. After all the walk is for the people in North Japan that are still struggling everyday, so I decided that I would use whatever I could in the walk to benefit the people.

First of all, there are 3 things that inspired this walk across Japan
1. The lack of funds the people have for everyday necessities.
2. The people of the world has forgotten the people of North Japan because it is no longer in the media.
3. Suicide is a big problem with the elderly that have been left homeless and feel they have no reason to continue living.

The way this walk will help these 3 points is:
For point number one, I am taking pledges to destinyforeverorders@gmail.com that will fund a big Xmas event up North on Xmas day, that ill provide the people with supplies such as, rice, water, pet foid, clothes, toiletries, beer, snacks, presents, and Xmas cakes.

For point number two, with my social media such as Facebook and various MMA sites, I will bring awareness to thousands of people that the people of North Japan are still struggling day by day.

For point number three, I’ve decided to add a strict rule that I can eat and drink only the food and water I can carry. The only exception is if someone gives us food or water as an offering. Also we have to find a place to sleep outdoors every night unless we are offered a place to sleep.
This will put me close to the situation they are currently in.
I will be low on supplies, having unstable sleeping quarters every night and will be depending on help from others for strength to continue.

By making this conditions to make this already incredible journey so much harder, I want to inspire them and give them hope and faith to go on.

This will cover approximately 2200 kilometers or about 1360 miles. The distance I got was for this trek is from a highway course and am aware that a walking course may be much longer and since it won’t cut through mountains it will be much tougher.

I know many of you think I’m crazy or feel that I may be taking on too much this time, and you maybe right. But this is what I believe, it will take to help these people and possibly save some lives! God has given me the opportunity to reach out to many on my social media and I believe it would be best used to help others than prosper financially myself. However, I will gain a lot of happiness through this grueling journey by accomplishing the happiness of giving, true happiness.

Please pledge what you can per mile and be a part of this journey. A penny a mile will obligate you to only $13 when the walk is done. $13 will buy water for a family for month or feed a family rice for 2 weeks. Also feel free to join me on the walk for as far as you like or just cone by to give me a smile. The cities I will be passing through is:
Rikuzen Takada

If not, you can follow me on Facebook and experience this incredible journey with me.

Tentative start date is September 11th. 9-11.
May the victims in New York rest in peace.

There is no better way to die…
than in the mist of a battle…
fighting to the very end, like a Man.

Enson Inoue

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