Ställningskriget mellan UFC och Tito Ortiz fortsätter

Ortizs krav på minst 350000 dollar per match efter hans vinst mot Vitor Belfort har nu fått UFC att slänga ut den förre mästaren från sin gala och radera all info om honom på sin hemsida.

Inga förhandlingar verkar vara på gång. Ortiz gav för någon vecka sedan följande uttalande på sin hemsida

”I just want to come on and say Hi. I have been very busy on my future. It looks very bright. But being a UFC fighter will not be my future. I have never been so embarrassed in my life. I got put in the bleachers, asked to leave the octagon when Ivan won, I was not allowed backstage to get my bags. But it’s business to the UFC. I am pushed into a corner and won’t be pushed anymore.

”I have done good for the UFC in every interview, fights, and just trying to push the UFC to mainstream. Now that I am not there Champ they can care less. I will make it with or without them. I have to look out for myself. I do want to thank them for everything. But it’s time to go on with my future. What is next for Tito? You all will know soon!!!! I want to thank my fans for the support, couldn’t have done it without YOU!!!!!!!”

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