Rickson Gracies ‘Budo Challenge’

Moderna fighting-event har förlorat budons essens, användandet av strategi och heder för att nå spirituell seger, säger BJJ-legenden Rickson.

De har blivit test av ren råstyrka och okontrollerat våld. Rickson vill återinföra konsten i kampkonsten med sitt nya tävlingskoncept ‘The Budo Challenge’

Ricksons egna ord:

‘The spirit of the warrior is not only a fighting philosophy, ‘it is also the basis of a code that says ‘prepare, engage, defeat and conquer’. Living by this code will aid the individual in any situation. By incorporating warrior concepts into the Budo Challenge, my goal is to reintroduce the ancient concepts of discipline, preparation, commitment and technical knowledge with the objective of a clear victory not only to contemporary fighters but to fans everywhere also. Once people see the non-stop action, excitement, and strategy that true Budo combat brings, they will be drawn to martial arts like never before

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