E-mail från Rawai Muaythai Camp

Redationen fick ett e-mail från Thailand. De skriver:

Hello in Sweden

We are a Thai boxing Camp @ Phuket Thailand.

Rawai Muaythai Camp > www.rawaimuaythai.com

Some of our recent Sweden students left your magazine in our gym, Our Thai fighters were looking at the photos with much enjoyment.

I see your name & email address in the magazine and thought to take a photo of them with your magazine and thought you may like to know much they enjoyed looking @ your magazine.

They can not read it but your magazine has many good photos that they enjoyed alot.

We have many Swedish students come to our gym every month for Thai boxing training.

You can see their photos and details here >> http://www.ez-virtualtours.com/Phuket_muaythai_fighters.html


Mar Tnee


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