‘Minotauro’ Nogueira i brasilianska Playboy

Den brasilianska upplagan av Playboy är en av världens populäraste tidningar och nu uppmärksammar de Minotauro.

Några citat ur intervjun

‘I did not earn anything for my first MMA fight. Actually I had to spend 150 dollars. I was living in the US at that time and I paid all the costs to travel to the event’.

‘I plan to move to Japan in about 8 years, I will manage some fighters and open doors to many, many great athletes who still did not have their chance in the rings outside Brazil’

‘I am sure I will beat Fedor. This russian is a big stone in my way’

‘Brazilians know how to change a game plan during a fight, that’s one thing that has led us to the win so many times’

‘Lots of guys fight only for the money. The MMA scene is calls with good prizes and good amounts. But you have to enjoy being there also’.

‘I never got hurt seriously during a fight, but once in Bali I was surfing, fell down off the board and spent three months in bed.’

‘I am afraid of urban violence. I really don’t have any idea what I would do if got myself involved in an assault. I would probably not react. I am very calm.’

‘Some fighters kick their opponents in the head when they are on the floor, but I hardly do that. I do not like that’

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